Dustin Howett

I’m a software engineer in St. Louis.

“Everything” I work on.
I produce projects and documentation at wildly different rates, so this is by no means comprehensive.
n. spells or verbal charms spoken as part of a ritual
Snippets of code, configuration, or script–typically hard-earned–that might save you from Googling.


Ultraviolet on Galaxy

“EC Card 2”, a closed-case debugging (CCD) Expansion Card for the Framework Laptop

An expansion card for the Framework Laptop 13 that gives you access to the Embedded Controller’s UART. What’s not to love?

Hacking your Framework Laptop’s EC for fun and profit

In this post, I’ll walk through adding a simple but highly-requested feature to the EC: a Fn lock light. It’s mostly fun, there’s no profit.

ANNOUNCE: ECTool.efi for the Framework Laptop

ECTool.efi is a tool for communicating with the embedded controller in the Framework Laptop (and potentially other devices with ChromeOS-derived embedded controllers) from the UEFI shell.

The Framework Laptop’s Embedded Controller (EC)

The Framework Laptop is probably the coolest laptop of the century. It’s also got a pretty cool embedded controller, which this post details.