A collection of tools that interact with the embedded controller in the Framework Laptop.

Ongoing Work

  • A fork of the Chromium project’s ectool ( DHowett/fw-ectool ), which implements the MEC LPC protocol. It only works on Linux.
  • An upstream pull request to Framework that adds that same support to their build of ectool
  • A Windows driver, CrosEC ( DHowett/FrameworkWindowsUtils ), that allows userspace applications to communicate with the EC.
  • DHowett/keyboard-overdrive , a project to bring QMK-like customizability to the Framework Laptop’s keyboard

Completed Work

  • A patch series to the Linux Kernel that adds support for the Framework Laptop to the cros_ec_lpcs driver (shipped in 5.19)
  • A UEFI driver that remaps Caps Lock to Esc before an OS boots ( DHowett/FrameworkHacksPkg )
  • ECTool.efi (from the above repository), a commandline interface to the EC