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Some televisions have an integrator interface. This interface is a hardwired replacement for the infrared remote—it can change inputs, mute status, power, volume, channels, et-cetera.

This is a web interface to the various television integrator protocols. It lives on port 5456, because 0x54 0x56 is TV in ASCII.

avantgarde by example

# Turn the television on
curl 'http://localhost:5456/tv/0/power' -d 'v=1'
# Set the volume to 15 (15/100)
curl 'http://localhost:5456/tv/0/volume' -d 'v=15'
# Switch to Input 6
curl 'http://localhost:5456/tv/0/input' -d 'v=6'


(not yet documented)


  avantgarde [OPTIONS]

Application Options:
  -a, --addr= bind address (web server) (:5456)