PowerShell/dircolors (HowettNET GitLab) DHowett/dircolors

DirColors leverages Powershell’s custom formatter support to provide an implementation of GNU coreutils’ ls --color=always anywhere FileInfo/DirectoryInfo objects are left to self-format.

DirColors adds support for:

  • Parsing dircolors-formatted files
  • Colorizing filenames in default, table, wide and list-formatted renditions of file information.
  • Displaying the targets of symbolic links and directory junction points
  • Parsing LS_COLORS from your environment
  • Storing a dircolors-compatible LS_COLORS in your environment for coreutils

For compatibility with existing utilities, DirColors will automatically read $LS_COLORS from the environment when it is loaded and write back to it when the color scheme is updated.


Assuming you’ve installed the module somewhere in your module path, just import the module in your profile and load a dircolors file.

Import-Module DirColors

# Load a color scheme
Update-DirColors ~\dir_colors


PowerShell formatters

DirColors table listing

DirColors wide listing

DirColors list listing

Coreutils integration

DirColors Coreutils integration