Cocoanuts/safaridownloader (HowettNET GitLab) DHowett/safaridownloader

Safari Download Manager was a Cydia Substrate tweak that added a desktop-class download manager to on iPhoneOS 3.1 to iOS 6.x.

If you learn something great from this code, or write anything cool using it, you should send me an e-mail! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have as well, so long as you’re not asking why it doesn’t support iOS 7 and beyond ;).


  • Dustin L. Howett (DHowett)
  • francis (francis)
  • Nicolas Haunold (westbaer)

Building SDM

SDM was historically compiled using Theos. The Makefile expects for the framework/ directory to contain an appropriate version of Theos; it’ll probably not work exceedingly well with newer versions, though we certainly hope that it does.


Safari Download Manager is available under the 3-Clause BSD License.

In short, you can do pretty much anything you want with it: bundle it in a closed-source project, modify it without releasing your changes, and so on. Your end of the bargain, however, is that you must include the license/copyright notice in binary and source redistributions, and that you can’t use the Safari Download Manager name, “SDM”, my name, francis’s name, or the name of Cocoanuts, LLC to endorse or promote your project.

Additionally, if you do release a derivative on Cydia, I ask that you choose another bundle identifier. net.howett.safaridownloader is forever retired.


  • SDM’s icon isn’t included in this release.
  • We used icons from the Tango Desktop Project for our filetype icons, and they are in the public domain.